This is just beautiful…

awwww, i have never felt so sad for fire and water until now :,(

O naufrágio e a sereia

O naufrágio e a sereia

The first four panels of the comic shows the audience the characters' setting and background context - a captain is lost at sea, after losing his ship that has burned and sunk into the ocean.

Bill Cipher *COSPLAY*

Bill Cipher *COSPLAY* I'm not in the Gravity Falls fandom but this is a really good cosplay of Bill

Stitch & Scrump Happiness Moment

'Stitch & Scrump Happiness Moment' by Tenma (banpresto stitch ichiban_kuji the_walt_disney_company lilo_&_stitch ichiban_kuji_disney_happiness_moment)

shiroi room - Google Search

shiroiroom: Killing it in sugoi style ! - commission portrait for bububun ♥