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BREAKFAST recipes by Donal Skehan: Hole In The Bread Eggs, Scrambled Eggs with Goat Cheese and Rocket, Sweet Potato Breakfast Fries - I love th eggs in the toast. My Dad used to make those for my brother and I. He called them eggs in a basket.



Mmmmm ...

Four homemade coffee syrups (vanilla bean, blackberry, cinnamon brown sugar and almond) and a coldbrew coffee method. I have a bunch of brown sugar to use up, so I might just use it directly in the coffee instead of normal sugar.

Breakfast Fondue -- fun Summer breakfast with the kiddos! Just skewer your favorite fruit and donuts and whip up this simple chocolate fondue sauce!

Breakfast Fondue: Fun idea (maybe for staycation), but I'd do it with pieces of waffle and fruit, my healthy homemade chocolate syrup and maybe a peanut butter dip.