Oh my...he's naked {it's an alpaca right after he was sheared}

Shaved Alpaca - it gets funnier the longer you look at it. llamas/alpacas are sort of becoming our thing

Love this!

playing with the moon is like you know awesome! when i was at the beach we woke up at like and we were playing with the sun! ( it is still as good as playing with the moon)

I'll never look at a duck the same way

All Ducks Wear Dog Masks

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The 50 Most Awkward Pregnancy Portraits Ever...hahahahaha I can't stop laughing!!!

Wtf this is so weird! The 50 Most Awkward Pregnancy Portraits Ever.most of them are hysterical and some, like this one, are terrifying! Is that a sexy, pregnant clown?

When a man does women's gymnastics...  LMAO!!

What Happens When A Man Does Women's Gymnastics - US gymnast Paul Hunt performs on uneven bars at the 1981 Olympics. This has got to be the funniest thing ever!

My question: Why did the barista need to know that it was "Bryan, with a y"? Isn't the name there for the sole purpose of calling it out to the customer? Bryan sounds the same as Brian. I'm glad he got "Briany".


I think my tubes just tied themselves.WTH is she pregnant with.a freakin TIGER?

This dog totally looks like Samuel L Jackson...

Samuel L Dogson