Learn how to wash your filthy baseball cap


23 Surprising Laundry Tips You Didn't Know You Needed


I am doing this. How many of the many flashlights in this house work? Pinner writes "Idea for emergency candles! good shower gift too" Yeah, okay, phones work, but why use that battery up


Emergency Candle kits - craftyourself.com


things you should clean but dont


32 Things You Should Be Cleaning But Aren't


Keep the trash bag from slipping in the can by using two Command Hooks on either side of the can.

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OMG, this really works wonderfully. I will never again pass up a cast iron item at the second hand store, because now i can clean it like brand new...Ideas like this is why I love Pinterest!!!

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How to Clean House quickly and efficiently


Homemade Flower Pot Heater - Costs Just 4 Cents An Hour To Run Now this is a great way to heat up a small room or if you have a larger room use 2 of them t

Homemade Flower Pot Heater – Costs Just 4 Cents An Hour To Run


Spoiler Alert! A Handy Infographic Guide to the Shelf Life of Meat and Fish - Houston - Restaurants and Dining - Eating Our Words

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Grocery Shop For FREE!!

What Groceries Can I Freeze?


Random Pictures Of The Day – 90 Pics

Random Pictures Of The Day - 90 Pics


You might be surprised at all the different foods you can freeze. Here's a list of 30+ foods you can freeze, along with some tips for each one. Save money and time by maximizing the use of your freezer!

Six Figures Under

Can You Freeze THAT? - Six Figures Under


Use Buttons to Organize Earrings- OMG this is a great idea! perfect for traveling.

Use Buttons to Organize Earrings | Learnist


Homemade candle wicks using pop tabs and cotton string. I need to make these candles!


Easy Candles w/ pop tab wicks


Marking ruler. This will be added to my stash of "gotta gets".......D.

Incra® Marking Rules - Lee Valley Tools


Used toilet roll saves the day! Insert the vacuum end into the toilet roll and squeeze tight. It can easily get those hard to reach places.


Awesome Life Hack Tip for Vacuuming in Hard to Reach Spaces


Great tutorial on dehyrating eggs for later use - Prepping: Dehydrating Eggs

Poverty Prepping: Dehydrating Eggs


"Sometimes the Internet is a crappy place full of crap. But today I’m reminded that it’s a trove of free and good information from reliable sources: The University of Illinois Extension has created a searchable index of every stain known to man and stain removal solutions for each."

Stain Solutions | U of I Extension


how to make your own alcohol inks, shimmer mists, mod podge, and more!

Birgit's Daily Bytes: DIY


Iron out carpet stains... 55 Must Read Cleaning Tips and Tricks


55 Must-Read Cleaning Tips and Tricks (With Pictures)


Washing your washer. Another pinner said: Seriously easy, no wonder our clothes were not getting clean... after the second soak, the water was GROSS!!!

One Good Thing by Jillee
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Unblock your drains without pouring harmful pollutants into the water system by pouring down 1 c of salt and 1/2 c of baking soda mixed together, followed by a kettle of boiling water. Can also use baking soda and white vinegar and boiling water. Repin @ Pin For Your Home

30 Ways To Clean Naturally


Sore throat and when you should see a doctor.

Tonsillitis - Symptoms, Diet and Home Remedies


Homemade Miracle Grow, aka compost tea... basically egg shells & coffee grounds that sit in a cool spot for about a week

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Take a Sec To Check This Amazing List of computer helps


Take a Sec To Check This Amazing List


To organize socks in the laundry room or small toys in a kids closet. S hooks and dollar tree baskets.

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