:) bahahhaaa

Fresh Prince Bel-Air TV Show, Actor Alfonso Ribeiro in show was Carlton Banks rich dad, Best Dancing Gif Ever!

Haha! Oh dear, laughed way to hard at this one.

The 19 Stages Of Your Phone's Battery Life

The 19 Stages Of Your Phone’s Battery Life this just made me laugh out loud! charga is spelled wrong. It should be charger

im part elephant. knew it

Baby elephants throw themselves into the mud when they're upset. Talk about a temper tantrum.


We should have a way of telling people their breath stinks without hurting their feelings like, I'm bored, lets go brush your teeth! HAHAHAHA I would soooo say this

Hehehe this gif Xp

When someone informs me the food I'm eating isn't healthy. Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford, Temple of Doom

I laughed a little too hard at this one

👩who ya talking to? 👨jake from State Farm 👩jake from sate farm at in the morning? 👨it's jake from State Farm 👩what are you wearing jake from State Farm? 👴uh, khakis 👩she sounds hideous 👨well she's a guy so


i literally can't stop laughing at this I forgot this little girl's face in this movie

Public service announcement, on Wednesday April 30th, WEAR PINK

April Today marks 10 years since Mean Girls premiered. Ironically, it also landed on a Wednesday. My friends and I ended up wearing pink today and watching the movie. It was super fun!


Free and Funny Cry For Help Ecard: Why do I have one bar on my phone in my living room, but the Taliban can upload a video from a cave in Afghanistan?

If You're Single And You Know It Pet Your Cat. Valentines Day Card For Single People on Etsy, $5.00

If You're Single And You Know It Pet Your Cat. Valentines Day Card For Single People. At least Milo loves me.

[ You're Beautiful ]✧. Love Anika @i1uvMYFAMILY

31 Period Humor Jokes That Are Way Too Real For Anyone Who’s Had A Period [ Youre Beautiful ]✧.