More like 3 handfuls


I don't have curly hair but I do have thick hair and a dime sized amount or even a quarter sized amount is not enough

Haha yes!!

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emo alpaca

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curly hair tips

Need to get this book! If you have curly hair, this is a must read! Curly hair is dry! It needs extra moisture to keep curly and shiny. other tips in the book for various degrees of curl.

How to follow the Curly Girl Method for Curly Hair - 15 steps

Follow the Curly Girl Method for Curly Hair

curly hair problems

Curly hair problem - this is why I never straighten my drop of humidity and poof.superman curl on my forehead!

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curly hair problem - saving for Lucy.someday I know she'll complain about her curly hair! Strangers tell her it's amazing all the time.

Curly Hair Problems

Curly Hair Problems I don't have curly hair, but a friend of mine does. I do her hair a lot, and I know all about the Curly Problems.