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Tutorial for transforming old junk jewelry with spray enamel from The Creativity Exchange

Finger knit bracelets

Place stickered letters on wooden sign, paint, then peel off stickers. Much easier than handwriting. (Now someone is thinking!)

Gift wrap organization

Love this!! paint swatches, glass, dry erase marker - CALENDAR

Put a glue top on acrylic paint bottle and you can write with it. (sigh)...another duh moment. Totally did this! Works like a charm.

Trace hands and feet and then fill in a self-portrait!

This girl does one refashion a day of awkward thrift store clothes and nails it almost every time - its crazy!

paper plate boxes

Crayon Art... now this is even cooler than the other kind of crayon art!

DIY Glitter Vase (perfect for makeup brushes). Try with a mason jar or old candle jar.

Chalkboard paint recipe - any color you like.

{{GOTTA DO THIS!}} Turn Children's Art Into Tea Towels...I know some Grandmas who would love to get this for Christmas...

Keep cards by punching in holes and making a book.

Dollar Store Crafts - A whole website of craft projects from dollar store items!

How to Draw Hello Kitty for Kids....

PVC pipe and tabbed curtains--the kids would have a blast!! THIS IS THE BEST IVE SEEN!

Merricks Art: Sewing. Tons of tutorials for sewing your own clothes or refashioning old clothes!

Large custom wall decals are expensive! But you can make your own fabric decal to add color and texture to any room– and yes, they’re removable!

Find old items at thrift stores and spray paint them in bright colors for bookshelves.

How To Make Chalkboard Labels-I'm in love with this idea. Using it for canisters/ ball jars

All you need is a bottle of shaving cream and a box of corn starch. This was enough for two tubs of this wonderful, fluffy stuff! We poured about half the box of corn starch in each tub and then just squirted the shaving cream into them. We used the entire bottle between the two tubs. The incredible thing about this is that after a bit, it's moldable! The kids LOVED it. Now to