The Following - sooooo good! And the new season starts on my birthday!!!

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claudia hofer - Hutterites

Meet the Cast

The Wire - best tv show ever. As one of my TV snob friends said back in the day, "If you have HBO and you're not watching The Wire, you're just foolish."

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'Alaskan Bush People': Where do these people really live?

The Ghost Adventures crew!

Twitter / GACQueen13: @GhostAdventures @Zak_Bagans ...

Ghost it

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In 2011, I worked as a production assistant on Face Off for Syfy, a competition series that explores the work of special-effects makeup artists. More:

Face Off for Syfy | Jonathan Craig

This is the only Channel I watch!!

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Destination Truth... when is this show coming back?!

Series/Destination Truth - Television Tropes & Idioms

Pit Boss

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Hells' Kitchen - Hell Yeah!!!

Hell's Kitchen Wallpaper: Hell's Kitchen

The five History Detectives (from L-R) Gwen Wright, Eduardo Pagan, Tukufu Zuberi, Elyse Luray and Wes Cowan.

History Detectives: Space Exploration

Digging for the reality behind 'Alaskan Bush People' claims of gunfire | Alaska Dispatch

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APB with Troy Dunn

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Sammy Terry

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The Twilight Zone

What Was The Best TV Show of All Time?

Next Food Network Star

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big bang theory!

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Judges of Master Chef

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I must watch this from beginning to present episodes...

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Swamp People....really my older kids got us watching this, but they crack me up

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Whale Wars!!!

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Love Troy Landry on "Swamp People"

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