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What Happens When Food Goes Down the Wrong Pipe? - MeMD

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Ever wondered why we cry? Whether you’re watching the latest Nicholas Sparks’ movie, cutting up an onion, walking into a dusty room, or just stressing out, this common body function could be serving a number of purposes.

Are You Sitting Too Much? Many medical experts now consider sitting to be as unhealthy as smoking! To avoid sitting for too long each day, incorporate these healthy tips into your routine

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For a workout that will really test your limits, try one of these heart-racing activities!

4 Health Benefits of Drinking Wine - Today is National Drink Wine Day (just in case you didn't already have it on your calendar!) Celebrate with a glass of vino and learn the health benefits that come along with it!

Ever wondered why we have eyebrows and eyelashes? These fuzzy features are more important than you might think!

You're more likely to be lazy, cheat, or take shortcuts in the afternoon according to a new study. Improve your focus and productivity with these expert tips!

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3 Bite-Sized New Year’s Resolutions That Are Easy to Keep!

3 Exercise Trends to Watch for In 2014 - Fitness trends change every year. Fad workouts like the ThighMaster or the Shake Weight come and go, but sometimes an exercise trend like Yoga or Pilates changes the entire landscape of personal fitness.

4 Initiatives for Well-Being In The New Year - Have you ever made an unrealistic New Year’s resolution and then ended up feeling disappointed or defeated when you didn’t succeed in keeping it? This year, try to take a more realistic and light-hearted approach to feeling happy and healthy in 2014. Here are a few simple New Year’s initiatives that you can incorporate into your everyday routine to promote well-being.

Eating for Good Luck and Good Health in the New Year - Add these nutritious staples to your diet in 2014 for good luck and healthy eating!

The Implementation of Telehealth Into Health Plans [Infographic] - MeMD

Heading home for the holidays and in need of dinner conversation? If you're the oldest child, be sure to share this fun fact: According to studies, the first-born child in a family tends to develop a higher IQ than their younger counterpart! #FastFactFriday

Four signs that you may be too sick to exercise!

There is much to be learned about what happens when people sleep at night, but recent research has indicated that dreams and nightmares could lend insight into your physical health. New research provides evidence that dreams may serve as an early warning for certain medical conditions that might otherwise not be presenting any symptoms.

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What you eat and drink can impact flu prevention, ease symptoms and speed up recovery. Try these flu-fighting foods when you begin to feel sick!

Taking time to give thanks for the people and gifts in your life can actually have a positive impact on your health. Here are a few ways that the act of giving thanks may promote health and well-being.

#FastFactFriday: Cursing really does increases pain tolerance! In fact, according to one study, swearing is so effective that those who cursed could withstand pain almost 50% longer than those who preferred to remain civil.

There are ways to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal while keeping consumption, calories, and extra pounds in check.

#FastFactFriday: The human eye is sensitive to light of all colors. However, it can distinguish more shades of green than any other color. That’s why night vision goggles are seen with green shades!

4 Flu Prevention Misconceptions: When it comes to flu prevention, many of us believe in old wives’ tales and health myths. What we believe to be flu prevention tactics may not prevent flu at all, and some of these ideas may actually be harmful to our health!

6 Flu-Fighting Foods and Drinks