How to sew a rolled hem by machine WITHOUT a rolled hem foot

3 ways to sew a rolled hem - megan nielsen design diary

Rag quilt tutorial, very informative, and super easy to follow!

Rag Quilt! How-to make a rag quilt - Video

no big dill: tutorial for tote bag made from a quilted placemat. Love it!

no big dill: How To:

Dare to DIY in English: DIY Tutorial: How to make a tote bag

Dare to DIY in English: DIY Tutorial: How to make a tote bag

Beautiful upcycled tablecloth shirt

A tablecloth reborn

Sewing machine tension. Who knew that little screw was there. This little picture just saved me a few hundred dollars. I don't need to replace my sewing machine!

Sewing Machine Hook Timing

Sewing Machine Maintenance.

When life throws you scraps ....

Handmade Gifts for the Sewing Room - find pin cushions, thread catchers, machine covers, ironing tables, and more!Handmade Gifts for the Sewing Room |

Gifts for the Sewing Room - The Fabric Shopper

Inserting Snaps

DIY Baby Bibs - iCandy handmade

"Super easy tutorial on how to turn mom jeans into skinny jeans that fit perfectly! I've done this with like 4 pairs of thrifted jeans now.. love it!"

Style for a Song: DIY Mint Jeans! - Pretty Providence

How to sew over bulky seams

She's A Sewing Machine Mechanic: How To Use a Seam Jack

How to Make a Maxi Skirt

How to Make a Maxi Skirt

Easiest Fabric Strip Rag Quilt Tutorial - great idea for 1/4 yard (9", or less, maybe split into 5.5" and 3.5") WOF strips

Easiest Rag Strip Crib Quilt Tutorial

How to Repair a Quilt - also tutorial on DVD from Kay Smith worth purchasing.

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sewing machine

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Alabama Chanin - sew together squares of thrifted tees, might be able to knock this of in a colorful way

clothwork: Lark...

How To: Take in pants the EASY way, a 20 minute refashion

How To: Take in pants the EASY way

Old sewing machine base would make an adorable sewing table

flea market savvy

Setting the Pressure on the Presser Foot has a big impact on sewing and machine quilting. Watch how to change settings and what differences the settings make. If you have puckers in your quilts after machine quilting, this may be why! Thank you so much for watching my videos! You can find me on the web at: My Website: http://www.crazy...

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A chart for piecing standard width fabrics for comforters to avoid a center seam. This is great so I don't have to calculate it myself any more!

Measurement Charts for Sewing

Know you know what the red ball on the seam ripper is for! ('who knew?!!!)

seam ripper


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Simple 15 Minute Skirt |

Simple 15 Minute Skirt

I have been threading my machine incorrectly for twenty years and cursing the tension. Easy tutorials here for Singer sewing machines here fixed it.

Inserting Bobbin - Top Drop-In | Singer Sewing

Learn to sew - invisible zippers

Learn to sew - invisible zippers