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Canning Rhubarb

Canning Rhubarb - Back to Our Roots

Zesty Salsa Canning Recipe

Zesty Salsa Canning Recipe

Canning soup

Making Your Own “Canned” Soup: Not as Hard as it Sounds

Canning blackberry cobbler and pie filling

Old Fashion Blackberry Jam- My mom used to make this all the time. This and huckleberry were my favorites :-)

Old-Fashioned Blackberry Jam

How to can potatoes! Preserve this late summer crop all year and have pre-cooked and ready to eat potatoes whenever you want them!

Canning Potatoes - How to Can Potatoes - Canned Potatoes

Meals In A Jar; Sloppy Joes Canning Recipe - Mason Jars and Mixing Bowls

Meals In A Jar; Sloppy Joes

Canning Made Easy: Apple Pie Filling Recipe for Quick Pies, Apple Crisp, Turnovers and More!

Stock I began to pressure can all my stocks this year whenever I have a chicken carcass, turkey, beef bones, whatever. So nice to have on hand. Such lovely flavor - better than the can or carton stuff. No salt added so when it reduces it isn't too salty. What a great way to stretch my meat dollars as well!

Chicken Stock | Tide and Thyme

Blueberry jam without pectin or white sugar! This is such an awesome recipe that I will use over and over again! It is a nice small batch, not pectin and it sets up just like traditional jam, WONDERFUL!!!

Pineapple Jam... EASY Tropically Exotic - Small Batch Canning This really is VERY VERY EASY to make. The canning process is simple, Pineapple and limes provide plenty of acid to keep the finished jam from spoiling for months. It is also the basic recipe you can use to make almost any fruit jam you could think of... Strawberry, Grape, Blue, Black or whatever Berry works just as well as the Pineapple. And it is deliciously sweet, and a little Tropically exotic!

Fall Canning: Soups and Stews

The Trailer Park Homesteader : Fall Canning: Soups and Stews

Bottled Lard

Rendering and Preserving Lard

Pressure Cooker Outlet: Great Canning Information Resources

The SQUEEZO is an amazing piece of equipment. It's all-metal, uses hand power (no electricity), and it's SO easy to use!

Canning meats.... A great site for canning!! She has lots of recipes for meals in a jar to can as well.

Canning Granny: Canning Beef in Broth

Altitude Adjustments

Peach Raspberry Jam ~ Canning Homemade!

CANNING Fresh Tomato Meat Ragu Sauce - Small Batch Canning... Think the BEST LASAGNA YOU HAVE EVER HAD... Demands an amazing sauce and this is it! FRESH (farmer's Market, Back yard garden FRESH) Tomatoes are broken down and thickened into a WONDERFUL sauce. LOTS of MEAT, vegetables and fresh herbs are added. No more work, make a BIG double batch for another lasagna in a month! EASY AND WONDERFUL SAUCE! What small batch canning is all about!

Canned Beef Cubes

The Iowa Housewife: Canning

Ketchups & Marinades maison

Pineapple Red Pepper Chutney - Page 2 of 2 - Kleinworth & Co

Meyer Lemon and Vanilla Jelly

Brooklyn Homesteader

Canning Homemade!: Pressure Canning Winter Squash - Butternut Soup Base

Homemade Lemon Honey Jelly, OK so I decided that we would get more use out of this as a syrup so in addition to adding to desserts and breakfast items we could use it in tea when we don't feel well or just want to relax. The flavor is amazing. I doubled the recipe and canned quite a few jars as get well gifts with a few tea bags in a basket. Love this one!!

Lemon-Honey Jelly (and an Accidental Syrup)

Harry and David's Pepper and Onion Relish canning recipe. Tastes just like the real thing, at a fraction of the price. :)

Meyer Lemon Kiwi Marmalade

can jam the second: Meyer Lemon Kiwi Marmalade