Fastest Running Dog Breeds The Jack Russell terrier is a very energetic and active dog breed. They are spirited, obedient and very amusing. They are very active and requires much exercise to prevent it from becoming destructive.

"You must always have a plan B!" #dogs #pets #JackRussellTerriers

I have seen this labeled as both a Rat Terrier Pup and a Jack Russell Pup -- I'm thinking it is more likely a JRT puppy.

jack russell puppies are the BEST! cant wait to get another one :)

jack russell puppies are the BEST! This is what Daisy looks like, but she is a miniture fox terrier:)

Life is merrier with a jack russell terrier, in a red sweater.

jack russell terrier in a red sweater - doesnt get cuter! I miss Sooners red cable sweater- she outgrew it :(