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**I think the population has grown! I know a few people that live there!** The capital city of Douchebagistan HEHE!

Health Benefits of Fishing - Just in case you need a couple more reasons to go...  =)

As if you needed another reason to get out on the water and fish, here are some health benefits of fishing. Whether you are on the river, the lake, or out at sea, Bass Pro Shops has the fishing gear and boats you need to bring home a trophy catch.

The call it stand up paddle boarding for good reason

25 Fittest Female Celebs

This chart topping Barbados native does her best to squeeze in at least three workouts a week, 25 minutes a day. Rihanna incorporates biking or cycling as part of her cardio routine, as well as stationary jogging and jumping jacks.

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Tupac Shakur poems, biography, quotes, articles and more. Read and share Tupac Shakur poem examples and other information about and by famous poet Tupac Shakur

Tommy Ton for May 2012 Harpers Bazaar

Tommy Ton for May 2012 Harpers Bazaar

Tommy Ton for May 2012 Harpers Bazaar Let's Dance With The Waves Pretty Much In Style !

Jaime walks to Maggie, as she munched on a kabob. "Why are you so quiet and secluded? You shy?" He teased. She stares out without looking at him, "No I'm not shy, I'm just examining my prey.

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Banksy Dreams cancelled to buy online: Display this piece of modern contemporary canvas art on your wall