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Food & Nutrition Tips

Delicious and nutritious grub, from MH and others.

Food & Nutrition Tips

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Free-range hens might not be as free as you think, and organic eggs aren't, by definition, the most humane. Here's how to make sense of egg-carton jargon.

The Truth About Your Eggs

Researchers dub Alzheimer's disease "type 3 diabetes." #sugar

The You-Can't-Ignore Connection Between Sugar and Alzheimer's Disease

You may be surprised that this staple of the Mediterranean diet could be hurting your health.

Why Olive Oil Isn't Necessarily a Health Food

What you need to know about the first kidney failure possibly caused by too much iced tea.

Man's Iced Tea Habit Linked to Kidney Failure

Chocolate can be health food, as long as you're making smart choices about the type you pick.

8 Unfortunate Chocolate Mistakes You're Making

These nine nutritional all-stars prove that healthy food can be delicious.

Are These Superfoods on Your Grocery List Yet?

Without a cure, Alzheimer's disease is definitely something you need to prevent. Fortunately, one way to protect yourself is also a tasty one.

Lower Your Alzheimer's Risk by 53% With This Diet

Clean these recalled products out of your fridge or freezer. Caused by organic spinach.

Recall Tied to Spinach Expands to Include More Processed Foods

The 15 Grossest Things You Might Be Eating from Rodale News via Flame Retardant-Laced Soda, Salad Dressings with Paint Chemicals, Ammonia-Cleansed Beef, Cloned Cow's Stomach, Milk with Sex Hormones, Crushed Bugs and the list goes on. www.womenshealthm...

The 15 Grossest Things You Might Be Eating

Experts say "just barely." We say "no way!" | Is Soybean Oil Healthy?

Is GMO Soybean Oil Healthy?

Your brain might be setting your diet up for failure if you're experiencing cravings.

Blame Your Brain for Food Cravings

19 Foods That Aren’t Actually Food

19 Foods That Aren’t Actually Food

The secret to staying slim and managing diabetes is in what you eat.

10 Blood Sugar–Lowering Foods

Environmental Working Group unveils its 2015 Dirty Dozen list of pesticide laden produce.

Are You Eating the Dirtiest Produce on the Market?

Is your daily soda habit putting you at risk? #carcinogens

Are You Being Exposed to This Carcinogen Daily?

A new study finds dark-roasted coffee is just as stomach-friendly as other low-acid coffees on the market.

For Stomach - Friendly Coffee, Know Your Roasts

Nutrition experts make a bold recommendation for the 2015 dietary guidelines.

U.S. Dietary Guidelines Take a Bold Step for 2015

Load up your shopping cart for a plant-based, vegan, or vegetarian dream kitchen.

25 Pantry Staples for Plant-Based Living

An expert lays out the right (and wrong) way to eat chocolate.

The Yummiest Mood-Boosting Food on the Planet