how to make a pebble mosaic

How to Make a Pebble Mosaic

"How to make a pebble mosaic," Excellent step-by-step instructions from "This Old House." I just need to sort our stones, get more stones, and layout the design. This would be a good project to start in September.

create a pebble mosaic

Not sure if this is art, craft, or gardening. Pebble mosaic "carpet" is beautiful. For this pebble-mosaic patio, the author modified a classic Persian carpet design to represent the creation of the universe.

River rocks

rock gardening, wall & path design: "River Rock Retaining Wall With Spirals" photo by Rozanne 3482537190

stone work

kilwirra: Carlingford, Templetown, The Breakers Greek Garden- stone paving and terracotta pitcher (this is a very nice area of interest but not one that is easy to walk on, but then it doesn't seem to be designed for that either)

stepping stones

30 Cool Pebble Pathway Ideas to create a creative stone garden path. Well-laid pebble mosaics transforming a path into an eye-catching work of art.

brick detail -

brick detail - great edging idea Id like to try it with cobblestones inside the bricks - with a horse shoe in the center for a paver

Playful path of recycled brick and broken concrete!

Any local friends looking to get rid of bricks or old stepping stones? I would love to do an artistic patio mosaic! My front yard has a stone garden wall made from an old building in Washington.


Bird Mosaic - glass mosaic, glass beads, rocks, mirror and broken ceramic of paradise

Garden Path

Stone Mosaic Garden Path :love the idea, Id upgrade it to meditative mandalas in the pathway. Step lightly on each moment - Gardening Sustain

A real master and he shares his techniques.. for those want to build some incredible mosaic stepping stones.

Jeffrey Bale's World of Gardens: Building a Pebble Mosaic Stepping Stone - A real master and he shares his techniques. for those want to build some incredible mosaic stepping stones.