Interior Design: Swedish

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a living room with an old dresser, chair and vase on the coffee table in front of it
Masculine Interiors that She Will Like Too Featuring Brown
an old window with gold decorations on the side and black glass in the middle, against a white background
Designers Pick Their Favorite Gray Paints
French Louis XVI Style Gilt and Painted Trumeau Mirror
an old chair and table in front of a dresser
D Larsson Interior
an old wooden grandfather clock sitting in the corner of a room next to a table
D Larsson Interior
an old desk and chair with a painting on the wall
D Larsson Interior
a dining room table with two chairs and a china cabinet in the corner next to it
At Home with the Couple Who Show Why Swedish Antiques Are Cool Again
an old table with a duck on top next to a wooden chair and a painting
Decorating Around The Color Green – Swedish Style
an old table with a mirror and lamp on it in front of a white wall
D Larsson Interior
an old black cabinet with two bowls on top and a chair in the corner next to it
D Larsson Interior
a bird sitting on top of a table next to two chairs and a mirror in a room with blue walls
An Interview With Daniel Larsson- The Go-To Guy For Swedish Antiques
an old white chair sitting in front of a wooden desk
D Larsson Interior