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Water Pump-this would be a way to make a hidden well water feature. hang a bucket on the pump, and let water dribble over the sides?

Dahmen Farm

This is part of the fence made from a variety of wheels welded together which is around a field and barn. The barn has been turned into an arts and crafts place. The Wagon Wheel Fence and Barn are located just north of Uniontown, Washington on Hwy

old wheel barrow...

Fall can be a very pleasant time to work in the garden. We're cleaning up, cutting back and planting right now. What are you doing in your garden?

Summer Evening At The Barn

Summer Evening At The Barn. This looks exactly like the farm my uncle lived on across the road from my mother's childhood home in the country.

country pets

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Farm life ♡

Red barn with old wooden wagon wheel. Love the wagon wheel for painting!

Farm life

This picture shows exactly where I want to live in future. My dream is to have my own country house with a little farm. So I can relax and rest. The nature is the best place where I find inspiration and best ideas to better me and my family’s life.