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Fieldstone, where Form meets Function - kitchen cabinets - other metro - Absolute Kitchen And Bath

Hidden Dishwasher

Putting a bar rail on the deck for extra "table top" seating area that's out of the way, handy, and a good use of space. Put potted plants on it when it's not in use

It's an island. It's a breakfast nook. Genius.

For beer cans. My god, this is genius!

Brilliant! Retractable screen door on garage door! perfect for summer parties, or nighttime summer fun

Hide appliances but keep them on the counter-genius

Gray Tank + Black Jeans

Pinterest : Gold Shawty

We're always inspired by our San Francisco roots. Pair #501CT boyfriend jeans with an army jacket and booties. You'll be ready for rain, shine or fog. #LadiesInLevis

Explore the natural wonders of Oregon at any of these great hiking spots. Wilderness Campsites and Backpacking.

8 Ways to Show a Long Distance Boyfriend You Care ... wow I've done all these in 3 months (except keep warm, still have to make that quilt)

Almost like a different take on Cornell notes - questions on colourful sticky notes instead of a space-wasting left margin! I love it! ||| student, study, school, note, notebook, lecture, textbook

Never thought of putting the shower organizer on the wall instead of over the shower head where is constantly slides down.

PLEASE vote for Amelia's First Home (Urban Cottage nyc headquarters designed by Amelia Nicholas). Apartment Therapy Small Cool 2015 TINY Division contestant

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my absolute favorite thing in the world!!! esp when im cooking dinner n he's just home from work or coming inside from playing with Danica! he always makes me feel so loved I cant wait to say I DO

A wolf in sheep's clothing.