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    A New Lion King Character Has Been Found

    This is the best thing ever

    Helping The Princess

    This gif is the best

    That’s okay, I don’t like having fun anyway…

    Aw! this gets funnier every time!

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    Bad Sirius

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    tumblr comment replies funny

    22 Hilarious Tumblr Replies


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    Funny Animal Pictures With Captions

    Laisse moi tranquille

    I think I just died

    Those filthy hobbitses

    This is fucked up, but also I want it..

    ‘It’s Pie Face!’: Hasbro’s sadomasochistic kids’ game, 1968

    Say hi to Charlie!

    Funny Pictures Of The Day - 101 Pics


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    oh my god, he looks insane!!

    CostMad Blog | Buy something new today

    This Starbucks barista. | 38 Individuals Who Took Fail To A Whole New Level

    38 Individuals Who Took Fail To A Whole New Level

    oh my god, it's my cats!!!

    There’s something wrong here…

    I don't know why this is so funny, but it is.

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    Hahaha!! These are too funny!!

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    getting in character

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    And the bar is over



    Some people are surprisingly close-minded…

    I would so do this...

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    Studying for the bar...

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    Lol, I did this to my neighbors in Minnesota when I was three, only it was grapes :)

    The Legend That Is Carter


    B1nd1's deviantART Gallery

    Seriously so dumb, but I laughed so hard

    Ever thought about that…