Lemonade Cucumber Pops

Blueberry-Coconut Baked Steel Cut Oatmeal

Lemonade Cucumber Spa Pops 1 cup julienned seedless fresh squeezed lemon, sweeten to taste: use your favorite - stevia, maple syrup, honey, agave and 2 cups of cold water. Fill popsicle molds with lemonade. Freeze uncovered for about 1 hour.

5-Minute Healthy Peach Frozen Yogurt by justataste  #Yogurt #Peach #Easy #Healthy

Healthy Peach Frozen Yogurt- frozen peaches, honey, plain yogurt and lemon juice. Use natural, live yogurt to make it Endo friendly!

33 Super-Cool Popsicles To Make This Summer

33 Super-Cool Popsicles To Make This Summer

Interesting popsicle ideas for summer. DIY 33 Super-Cool Popsicles To Make This Summer ~~ Rule of thumb for warm weather: Don't eat anything unless it's frozen and on a stick.

Chocolate-Covered Toasted Coconut Pops by anediblemosaic

Chocolate-Covered Toasted Coconut Pops (Paleo)

rose granita: rose water, lime and honey...

beautiful colours: rose granita - rose water, lime and honey.I think I want to try this, but it looks too pretty to drink.

Coffee ice cream.

s'mores to go but with the strawberry banana S'mores cupcakes How to Make Homemade Ice Cream Coffee ice cream.

Easy idea for a sweet treat.

Healthy Dessert Ideas: I love these! Literally just had a couple. I use light Cool Whip and low fat cinnamon graham crackers. Comes out to under 200 calories for 2 sandwiches. Definitely worth trying if you have a sweet tooth.

Strawberries and Angel Food Ice Cream

Strawberries + Angel Food Ice Cream


Healthy Coconut Water and Fresh Fruit Popsicles. This reminds me of when I was a kid my mom would freeze fruit cocktail in the popsicle molds.

Peanut Butter Swirl Frozen Yogurt Popsicles

We’re pretty sure that most moms (and non-moms too) would agree that Peanut Butter Swirl Frozen Yogurt Popsicles are the perfect end to a Mother’s Day brunch.

Pineapple Margarita Ice Pops

Pineapple Margarita Ice Pops

chili-lime watermelon pops

Eatsy: Chili Lime Watermelon Popsicles

Chili Lime Watermelon Popsicles Yield: 10 ounce) popsicles 5 cups diced watermelon, seeds removed Juice of two limes 2 tablespoons agave syrup teaspoon chipotle chili powder teaspoon sea salt