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Art therapy: mandala therapy

PEMFamily Art Therapy/EM is designed to help the reader incorporate clinical art therapy intervention techniques into family therapy practice. Expressive modalities are often used in work with… read more at Kobo.

Art speaks to us at every age. Use the creative arts in your Occupational Therapy practice and give people a voice.

If you could see your work as art....what would you see?

Thoughts in my head, a creative project for those interested in writing or poetry.

What does your soul look like?

Art Therapy: Sharing Directives: Emotions Color Wheel

Art Techniques to help kids - and adults - deal with difficult emotions

free mandalas for younger children

Jennelise: About Me - I love her work. See her post for closeups of her "About Me" collage/doodle

Create a color collage with a poem or haiku border. Nice!

100 things to buy at the dollar store and how to play with them

4 Ways to Express Who You Are – Art Journal Activities for Kids and Adults « Imagination Soup | Fun Learning and Play Activities for Kids

Art Therapy Fundamentals - Mendala

Art Therapy Fundamentals #ArtTherapy

  • Debbie Anderson

    Who is playing God here? NEVER appropriate to interpret someone's artwork based on a definition of line/ colour use/ or placement. The REAL information lies within the art creator! A trained and experienced art therapist can assist in drawing out the messages from within. Beware the novice interpreter!

  • Vasavanpayyattam Artistvasavanpayyattam

    art has an amazing power to heal the mind

  • Joanie F

    Debbie Anderson is right!

Art Therapy Fundamentals - Mendala

"Body Mapping is a creative therapeutic tool that brings together bodily experience and visual artistic expression. In its basic form it involves drawing (or having drawn) one’s body outline onto a large surface and using colours, pictures, symbols and words to represent experiences lived through the body. Body Mapping is not a new tool and has been used by therapists in areas of work as diverse as eating disorder and weak self-image, with victims of torture, or in human rights-based youth pr...

So what are the benefits of art on the brain? When individuals create art and reflect on it, the processes, increase self-awareness, initiate awareness of others and help people cope with stress, and traumatic experiences. Art enhances cognitive abilities and provides individuals with the ability to enjoy the life-affirming pleasures of making art.

Art Therapy in Juvenile Detention. Like the idea: hope vessels. Can put goals

An art/writing processing prompt using "The Scream" as inspiration.