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Meredith Warren

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Hello my name is Meredith

There’s a lot more involved with keeping your newborn baby clean than just giving her a bath.

Help your child adjust to a new baby by doing these 3 important things before you even leave the hospital after delivering.

Welsh girl name Meaning: Snow. How you say it: Eye-ra

Old Fashioned Baby Names - I've been looking for something like this

I'm not that worried about nicknames. This kid just needs a name!

100 Unique Yet Beautiful Girls' Names - the first list that my name has ever been on.


How to make a sand and rock box for your kids play trucks. They will love this!

RIP: Legendary North Carolina Basketball Coach Dean Smith who coached baseball, basketball & golf @USAFA

UNC Throwback: Michael Jordan and Sam Perkins.

Best new baby sibling advice I've read! Not the same old "help with getting baby's diapers" tips. Helping Kids Adjust to Life With the New Baby | Janet Lansbury

This is the post I've been mentally writing since my second baby's birth!

Hubert! Or should I say Coach Davis

10 Things (That Worked!) to Help Our Toddler Adjust to His Sibling - Babble

Baby must-haves that will help make life easier when you're dealing with other little ones. More hands would be good. Top of the list of baby must-haves for child number three: more hands. Can someone please get to work on that? #FPinsiders #client

DIY ~ Copycat Aveeno Oatmeal Bath ~ unbelievable what Aveeno charges for this when you can make the exact same oatmeal bath for pennies!!!!

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