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Valkyrie headdress by Jolien-Rosanne.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Happy new Year Everybody! I had this incredible urge to make a Valkyrie feather headdress, so I did. It is made with turkey feathers scales.

Portamancer's Hat by SavagePunkStudio

A leather hat made for a Portamancer- a wizard specializing in the magic of portals, doors, and extradimensonal spaces.One of the tooled doors is actually functional, and opens with a brass .

Работы мастеров со всего Мира – 70 фотографий | ВКонтакте

Carryology lives well beyond just this website in our hugely diverse carry community spread around the globe.

orig14.deviantart.net 0a39 f 2012 306 8 1 metaphysical_gauges_by_herbertw-d5jt3jj.jpg

free lovecraft inspired printable steam punk style gauges for metaphysical equipment out of arkham, mass.

Steampunk wristwatch

IDEA: This, but with a compass instead of a watch. The same substitution would work on any other accessible steampunk jewelery, especially lockets (or just hidden under some sort of disguised cover

So much to tell you about this lamp that is a tip-of-the-hat to the sci-fi futurist, H.G. Wells. Sure to please Steampunk bibliophiles as well.

Wells Tribute Steampunk Lamp - Custom Steampunk Style Desk Lamp for Fans of the Science Fiction Futurist Author