Pole dancing

Workout review of pole dancing

Curious about pole fitness? Check out this fitness expert's experience taking a spin on the pole.

Beautiful pole move, who wouldn't want to do this?

Beautiful pole move, who wouldn't want to do this? Start in Indian, superman and into this move.

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Un cours de pole dance pour votre EVJF

Knee Hold (tried it- hurts too much)

Move AKAs: Unknown Tutorial Text: You should be hanging off the top knee as much, if not more, then you are propping yourself up with the bottom knee.

cocoon- would love to get my leg straight like this

Pole Fitness Outside Leg Hang (with some serious flexibility!) Gosh I miss my pole class! The best exercise ever!

Pole fitness

Did you know that pole fitness is the latest new fitness workout? It's a fun way to workout and trains the entire body. Take a pole dancing class.