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Empress Eugenie's Grand Pearl and Diamond Diadem of the French Napoleonic Crown Jewels. Eugénie's tiara was created by the Crown Jeweller, Lemonnier, using the Napoleonic pearls. The Louvre.

Pearl and diamond tiara

1687 An inscription on the back cover plate of the 416-carat stone informs us that Emperor Leopold I (1640-1705) acquired the "VNschatzbare Kleynodt so HIACENT LABELLA genandt" ("incomparably precious stone called HYACINTH LA BELLA") from an aristocratic Hungarian family in 1687. On this occasion a richly enamelled double eagle with the imperial crown was added to the existing setting from the early 15th century.

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North India | Carved emerald, pearl, enamel and 18k gold ring | 19th century | The Mughal emperors and other Indian princely families had a genuine passion for precious stones and pearls - among the stones most prized were emeralds, particularly carved emeralds.

Indian Carved Emerald Pearl Ring