Meriem Tedjini

Meriem Tedjini

Meriem Tedjini
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Jellal Fernandes HD Anime 1920×1080 Fairy Tail

It's not like my usual ones that I upload, but I haven't had any time lately. So I decided, after .

Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Ken Anime Eye Patch 4096×2304

Image to base my eye patch on. When I look up eye patch I find kids party eye patches. Parents stop taking over. I just want a cosplay eye patch base.

Kaneki Ken Picture Tokyo Ghoul Kagune 1440×900

all_male barefoot bicolored_eyes black_eyes blood chain gray_eyes kaneki_ken male red_eyes shackles short_hair shorts signed tokyo_ghoul white_hair wristwear

Kaneki Ken Art Tokyo Ghoul Kagune Mask Picture 1920×1080

Tokyo Ghoul anime dark purpleish theme Tell me in the comments if anything isn't working on the theme thanks!