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Don't forget to buy some kleenex before you give someone this gift! This is a phenomenal idea for a birthday gift. Definitely one that would never be forgotten and could be passed down.


Nothing But Bonfires : Sixty Years Of Memories

40/50/60+ birthday gag gift. Full with: Marbles-"for when you loose yours" Halloween or gummy teeth- "for when you loose your" Balloons- "for all the hot air you're full of" Paper clips- "because sometimes its hard to hold it all together" Magnifying glass- "so you can read the fine print when your eyes start to go" Mints- "so you can remember all the things you are 'mint' to.


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sherry ryder

50th birthday gift for dad- each child did 10 cards (3 kids) mom did 20... Totaling 50 reasons we love dad! Punched holes with 1/8" punch and put a ring through, then beaded the ring. Could do this for any birthday!Dad loved it!


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50th Birthday Encourage'mints' Jar! I searched the internet for some encouraging quotes on getting older. I printed these quotes and a few others out on card stock, cut them out, and stapled a lifesavers mint to each quote. Very fun, easy and cheap!


Creative "Try"als: Turning "50" Gift Idea

70th Birthday Gift - Such a great idea for grandparents! And what better way to catch the hilarious quotes of kids!!


Sometimes Creative: 70th Birthday Gift

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Fishing Pole Picture Frame - Metal Brown - 4 Frames

My first "real" fishing pole was thread-wrapped by my dad (now deceased) and given to me as a birthday gift for my 7th birthday; I still have the pole, I think I will definitely do this idea using that pole in my bedroom!


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Great birthday gift idea, birthday lottery ticket tree (money tree) Easy and fun to make. Take 2 small branches to make a tree, you can tie these together with ribbon. I put these in a coffee can with bird seed to hold these up. I bought 88 lottery tickets for my dads 88th birthday. Hole punch corners of lottery tickets and tie with ribbon to branches.


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40th birthday basket My husband got this basket for his birthday from our friends. They used a tool belt for the bottom and filled the pockets with snacks. The other items in the basket are booze, gift cards, tylenol for aches and pains,various snacks, and a large chocolate number 40. Cute idea!


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Family Keepsake Boxes

Love this idea, I did something similar a few years ago for a 50th Birthday gift for my brother. I asked relatives and friends that were important to him to write a special memory of him and send it to me, then our Dad made a beautiful wooden box to put them all in. We gave it to him for his 50th Birthday. So special. He loved it!


Family Keepsake Boxes