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Neat birthday gift ideas

Neat birthday gift ideas

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Sleeping Mermaid by Moon from Original Watercolor Painting by Camille Grimshaw

Sleeping Mermaid by Moon from Original by camillioncreations

Sleeping Mermaid by Moon from Original Watercolor Painting by Camille Grimshaw

Sleeping Mermaid by Moon from Original by camillioncreations

60th Birthday or 60th Anniversary Gift Basket with Coins

  • CatherineCatherine Holman
    CatherineCatherine Holman

    61, this year no one thought of me last year. catherine

Don't forget to buy some kleenex before you give someone this gift! This is a phenomenal idea for a birthday gift. Definitely one that would never be forgotten and could be passed down.

Nothing But Bonfires : Sixty Years Of Memories
  • Leah Hagel
    Leah Hagel

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  • Maggie Benson Trudeau
    Maggie Benson Trudeau

    My daughter Amber did this for me and I just loved it! Lots of laughs and a few little happy tears. One of the best gifts of my life.

  • Carolyn Hoogerwerf
    Carolyn Hoogerwerf

    this!! What an amazing gift of LOVE for a lifetime!!

50th birthday gift for dad- each child did 10 cards (3 kids) mom did 20... Totaling 50 reasons we love dad! Punched holes with 1/8" punch and put a ring through, then beaded the ring. Could do this for any birthday!Dad loved it!

  • Carolyn Phillips
    Carolyn Phillips

    great idea! fun to make as well!! :)

  • Tiffany Kovacs
    Tiffany Kovacs

    Doing this for my husbands moms 70th.

40/50/60+ birthday gag gift. Full with: Marbles-"for when you loose yours" Halloween or gummy teeth- "for when you loose your" Balloons- "for all the hot air you're full of" Paper clips- "because sometimes its hard to hold it all together" Magnifying glass- "so you can read the fine print when your eyes start to go" Mints- "so you can remember all the things you are 'mint' to.

Be creative when selecting a gift for a 55-year old.

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Love this idea, I did something similar a few years ago for a 50th Birthday gift for my brother. I asked relatives and friends that were important to him to write a special memory of him and send it to me, then our Dad made a beautiful wooden box to put them all in. We gave it to him for his 50th Birthday. So special. He loved it!

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A great idea for party favors- retro nostalgic candy!

70th Birthday Gift - Such a great idea for grandparents! And what better way to catch the hilarious quotes of kids!!

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40th birthday basket My husband got this basket for his birthday from our friends. They used a tool belt for the bottom and filled the pockets with snacks. The other items in the basket are booze, gift cards, tylenol for aches and pains,various snacks, and a large chocolate number 40. Cute idea!

This is what I did for my husbands 39th birthday. Lots of fun ideas and gifts you can do yourself.

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This idea was for Valentine's Day, but could work for an anniversary or birthday too. Have a small gift for your sweetheart to open on the 14th minute(for Feb 14th) of every hour. :)

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Old fashion candy & goodies

My first "real" fishing pole was thread-wrapped by my dad (now deceased) and given to me as a birthday gift for my 7th birthday; I still have the pole, I think I will definitely do this idea using that pole in my bedroom!

50th Birthday Encourage'mints' Jar! I searched the internet for some encouraging quotes on getting older. I printed these quotes and a few others out on card stock, cut them out, and stapled a lifesavers mint to each quote. Very fun, easy and cheap!

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Great birthday gift idea, birthday lottery ticket tree (money tree) Easy and fun to make. Take 2 small branches to make a tree, you can tie these together with ribbon. I put these in a coffee can with bird seed to hold these up. I bought 88 lottery tickets for my dads 88th birthday. Hole punch corners of lottery tickets and tie with ribbon to branches.

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Gifts for great grandparents!


10 memorable 60th birthday gift ideas..found this interesting page while searching gift ideas for my dad who is turning 60 and retiring too...

Gift Ideas For 60th Birthday

Where was this when I needed it? Saving for bob Cute Gift Idea..." Cute 40th or 50th or 60th birthday gift and poem..."To celebrate and turning 40 is nothing to SNICKER about. In fact, this is when you have BUTTERFINGERS And your mind starts playing TWIX on you. You’re WHATCHAMACALLIT isn’t working properly, You’ll do things NOW & LATER And forget them both....."

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