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ELLE US 1986, Model: Elle McPherson

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“The Body” at 50: How Elle MacPherson’s Redefining Aging

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Photo: Bryan Adams Trunk Archive I recently saw Elle MacPherson at the beach. “The Body” was sporting a teeny bikini, looking more gorgeous than ever—at 50. During our interview, the supermodel and entrepreneur revealed that tackling beauty from the inside out is her most potent anti-aging trick. She talked openly about her weight, the procedures she’s experimented with, and her surprising go-tos for looking and feeling great.

“The Body” at 50: How Elle MacPherson’s Redefining Aging

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Elle Mcpherson - that lipstick color looks exactly like Lancome's "Mauve Argente", my favorite of all time..

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Elle MacPherson is a looooooooooooooooooong drink of water. She's about 6'5". A friggen Amazon.- Official Calendar 1993

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Elle McPherson. I want to look like her at 50. Wow.

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February 1989

Italia February

Meisel 1989

Meisel Cuba

Supermodels Linda Evangelista

Linda Evangelista Vogue Italia

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Italia 1989

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Vintage Vogue � Linda Evangelista for Vogue Italia 1989

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Janssen Gail

1986Photographer Gilles

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Elle Mcpherson, Famke Janssen, Gail O’Neill, and Jenna De Rosnay. Photo by Gilles Bensimon, Elle US June 1986

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1988 Renee

80 S Renee

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Russia December

December 2012

December Cover

Linda Evangelista | 2012...why can't American magazines have covers like this?

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Roxanne Lowit

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"We don't wake up for under ten thousand dollars" -Linda Evangelista (with Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington)

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Cousin Linda

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Lindbergh 1989

Peter Lindbergh

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Texture Linda

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Evangelista Sep

linda evangelista by peter lindbergh. from vogue us, september 1989. Makeup by Stephane Marais

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8 Flo1



Gotta Write

Peter Lindbergh Beach

Feel Mood

Patitz by Lindbergh

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Linda Evangelista Short Hair

Fashion Linda Evangelista

Hair Linda

Linda Evengelista

linda evangelista by peter lindbergh for vogue april 1989.

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Paris 1990

Paris April

Lindbergh Helena

Lindbergh French

Lindbergh 1991

Peter Lindbergh Vogue

The90Ssupermodels Helena

Eyes Helena

Helena Photo

Helena Christensen by Peter Lindbergh Vogue Paris April 1991 Nuits D'Orient

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Linda Evangelista Hair Short

February 1989

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Bensimon 1987

Gilles Bensimon

Color Mixed Brights Pink

Colors Pink

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Christy Turlington Supermodel

Christy Supermodels

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Christyturlington Model

Christy by Gilles Bensimon, 1987

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Peterlindberghofficial Photos

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December 1989

Italia December

Dec 1989

Beautiful Lindaevangelista

Linda Vogue

Linda Linda

80S90Sredux Vogue


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Evangelista 1989

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Linda Peter

Peter O'Toole

Lindbergh 1989

Peter Lindbergh Vogue

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1990 Linda

Spot Christy

Legs Christy

Helena Linda

White Christy

Linda Xxx


Christy & Linda, spotted in stripes.

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Christy Linda

1990 Linda

Vogue Christy

Linda Vogue

Models Christy

1990 Amanda

Evangelista Vogue

Evangelista Christy

Evangelista British

May 1990

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Evangelista Classic

Evangelista Stella

Evangelista S Hair

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Linda Evangelista Short Hair

Linda Stella

Linda Evangalista

Tennant Style

Tennant Linda

Smoky-eyed girls. Linda Evangelista and Stella Tennant

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Seymour Christy

Seymour Stephanie

Schiffer Cindy

Evangelista Claudia

The Return of Supermodels _ Naomi, Stephanie, Cindy, Linda, Claudia & Christy by Mario Testino 2008

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