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Tablet weaving

Inspirational bands and weavers

Tablet weaving

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Band from Øvre Berge, Lyngdal, Norway. Close in time, geography and style to the Snartemo band. The photos of the original are from the book Snartemofunnene by Bjørn Hougen, 1935. Two yellow, one red and one brue thread per tablet. You can't really see what is the front and what is the back of this band. Tablet woven by Randi Stoltz (4th to 7th centuries CE)

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Latvian patterns. In this weaving, the main weft is also used for the brocade. Marijke van Epen

Tablet woven band in 3-colour float weave. Marijke van Epen


This band after a Latvian original is (rigid) heddle woven. Both sides are equal, only the colours reversed. Weaving the same structure with tablets gives a slightly different back side. Marijke van Epen



"the Dublin fount 2nd half of the 10th century tablet woven by aisling"

Simple warp weighted loom set-up with a tablet woven starting border and side border. Marijke van Epen

15th century tapestry - weaving on a box loom. Look at that hat!

Sample in 3/1 broken twill and tabby in three colours after Leksand band. Marijke van Epen

A brocaded band from Kostrup/Denmark 10th century. Tablet woven by Aisling

One of the tablet woven bands from the Hochdorf find. 3/1 broken twill and warp floats. Marijke van Epen

Tablet woven band, based on a Coptic Original. Marijke van Epen

from different districts of Latvia from the 19th century. From left to right: From Bauska district is a border from a poncho-like garment called a villaine. Band from Liivani district. Another border from a villaine from Krustpils district. Border from a white woolen skirt from Abrene district.(by Inese Krūmiņa; weavershand)

weaver1.jpg (254×319)

Fragment aus dem Nationalmuseum Dublin, 1,3 cm breit, Seide auf Seide. Tablet woven by Ragnhild.

The weaving method of the tablet woven border from Dürrnberg

Dürrnberg, Austria

16 tarjetas,4 colores, repite dibujo cada 40 movimientos // sed_117༺❁ (running dog)

Collection of tablet woven bands for viking dress. Made for Izabella, the Queen of Drachenwald, SCA. By Mervi Pasanen


Wychweaves - Brettchenweberei: Wikinger - Les Viking

Wychweaves - Brettchenweberei: Wikinger - Les Viking

Birka21 band, original is brokaded, this is a threaded version. Pattern Maikki Karisto 2015, woven by Mervi Pasanen.

Snartemo family - 11 pattern tablets Inspired by the Snartemo braid from Snartemo, Norwa y 500 A woven and pattern ba - Brikkevev - Brikkevev