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Celtic Scarf Knot: because I can never have enough ways to tie scarves!

9 GAG has GREAT ideas on different scarf looks

6 Ways to Tie a Scarf- This is amazing for those of us that live in the tropics and only get to wear a scarf 5 days out of the year. I have no idea how to tie/wear a scarf but I love them and buy them and wing it. This is exactly what I needed!

So cute & easy! Here are the steps to "How to Braid a Scarf" which I learned in Israel.

Braided scarf: super easy to do and looks really cute! I will be wearing scarves in this style more often!

12 ways to tie a scarf

12 ways to tie a scarve! I love scarves - you can dress them up and dress them down!

Tips from a J. Crew stylist - how to roll sleeves, wear scarves, etc -

I wear a scarf almost every day. My favorite scarves are from Brightly Twisted, and they were kind enough to provide drawings for how to tie a long scarf.

.how to tie a scarf: the fancy bird

How to Tie a Scarf: The Fancy Braid