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    The '90s, dude. From Furbys to Beanie Babies, it was the decade of recurring collectible toy crazes. Guess what? While most toys are worth very little, several have soared into the hard-to-find, high-priced realm. Got an original Furby in your attic? Dig that creepy little fellow out and make some real dough. Hit up your relatives for golden '90s items like the first Girl Talk game or an original Tickle Me Elmo. Find out what other treasures make eBay's list or '90s toys now worth a fortune!

    Cauliflower Breadsticks Recipe -- To die for mock breadsticks made with cauliflower that are low in calories, carbs and fat. No fail results as I take the guess work out of the recipe with step by step photo instructions.

    Cauliflower Patties Cauliflower ‘Bread’ with Avocado "- ultra low carb YUM! - I made this last week and am in LOVE. Even better baked the second time for leftovers!" "½ small cauliflower, trimmed of core one egg ¼ cup mozzarella cheese and Parmesan blend (you can just use mozzarella) 1 tsp dried oregano salt and pepper to season 1 tsp olive oil"

    the foods you eat can play a role in increasing or decreasing body pH, and some foods can be more alkalizing than others. An acidic body is a magnet for sickness, disease, cancer, and aging. Eating more alkaline foods helps shift your body’s pH and oxygenates your system, keeping your body healthy and functioning correctly, preventing cancer, among many other diseases.

    Have you ever heard of Sole water? If not, that’s ok, lots of people probably have not, but it is now time you learned about this amazing, 100 percent natural drink.

    Huh...Apple Cider Vinegar- The only vinegar that can and SHOULD be consumed daily. Benefits: Helps clear acne when taken orally and applied topically. If applied topically you dilute it with water, dab it on a breakout and rinse after 15 minutes. Promotes digestion. A blocked digestive tract can lead to all kinds of skin problems. It is also a natural cure for constipation. Super high in minerals and potassium which can help slow down the aging of your skin. Helps reduce sinus infections and sor

    I’m always on the lookout for fun, crafty projects for the kiddos in my life. I love having them around ... keep reading!

    This is a Zenspirations Dangle "S" from the Zenspirations- BLOG

    Art Journal - Zenspirations Simple Floral Designs by Pink Palindrome, via Flickr

    stuffed embroidered quilted heart. Love the blue green.

    Emily Dreams by MySweetFolly on Etsy♥♥

    Painted newspaper hearts (could use book pages as well) - so cute!

    The health & beauty benefits of alkaline water—from hydration to antioxidant boosting, and more. (via Byrdie Beauty)

    Gluten Free 101 : Teff Flour~~This blogger has a lot of recipes that sound really good including plum moscato. There's also info on rice flour and pop"corn" that's not corn!!

    Mosaic Heart Necklace Aqua Rose by mosaiccottage on Etsy