Pedro Mesquitadefreitascarvalho

Pedro Mesquitadefreitascarvalho

Pedro Mesquitadefreitascarvalho
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Curto muito jogar pokemon (perco horas e horas com isso) e as vezes assistir e ler.

Is it just me or does this look like the Matt Smith photo of him surrounded by lights? Matt Smith's spirit Pokemon is charmander now and nobody can convince me otherwise.

Morte e distruzione

Why does snorlax look like baymax ? Mechanized Pokemon, so badass (By Frame Wars)

I think Polly, like Jake, is very creative. I think this helps to open up the world for her, and it's a reason why she is so accepting.

Actually love the idea of this explosion of colour to symbolise imagination/expression/creativity popping out of someone. Could work well for posters - black and white pic of Child?

An illustration of the four elemental bending styles in the world of The Last Avatar. Awesome on the wall :)

The Last Airbender Element Bending Instructions. I want this as a poster for my walls!