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Proving One’s Negligence: Key in Winning #PersonalInjuryClaims

A college education has both tangible and intangible benefits, from increasing your income to enrich

Fool-proof Tips that Will Save You from #DogBites

Whenever you watch the daily news, you get to watch reports about people dying due to a lot of reasons. Accidents, sickness, and crimes are just some of the most common reasons mentioned on TV.

"Getting involved in a slip and fall accident increases your chances of the insurance adjuster doing whatever it takes to take the liability off the property owner. It won’t matter for the insurance company, regardless of the circumstances of the accident. What it will do is construct an argument saying that your carelessness—not the carelessness of the property owner—caused your injuries." #PersonalInjury #InsuranceClaim

A religious discrimination case filed by a former Pentecostal Christian employee of Burger King has now gained national attention.

Employment Discrimination Prevalent among Overweight Women lalawyersjournal....

Requirements Needed by Workers to Have Access to EEOC Assistance

Justin Bieber to be Decided Whether or Not to Receive Citation for High-Speed Chase blog.mesrianilaw....

Contractors Exposing Workers to Injuries and Hazards Required to Pay Monetary Relief employmentattorne...

Partying Sites Induce Drunk Driving santamonicaperson...

Out of the 50 states in the U.S., only 11 states have populations larger than the number of wage earners on impairment or disability. Those states are California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, and Pennsylvania. laattorneyslegalr...

A Million People Prefer to View Their Accounts through the SSA’s Online Service. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE: socialsecuritydis...

In the U.S., summer season usually begins the day after Memorial Day and ends the day before the autumn equinox, or September 21 to be exact.

According to city officials, 29-year-old Jason McCrae was talking with someone when a pit bull attacked him. The said canine attack incident happened at a Union Avenue sidewalk.

On Monday, the Social Security Administration (SSA) announced in its official press release page that it had finally teamed up with Kaiser Permanente for the purpose of speeding up the decision-making process in disability benefits claims.

FedEx was on the receiving end of a sexual harassment lawsuit by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) before the U.S. District Court of the District of Arizona. Read more of this news here:

Former deputy Scott Montoya in his lawsuit claimed that the sheriff’s department violated his rights as a peace officer, and that the department’s administrative investigation exceeded the one-year law of limitations stated under the state Peace Officer’s Bill of Rights. Montoya also requested the court to reinstate him to his job. Read more:

The EEOC announced that it has put its appellate and amicable summaries since 2000 on its official website.

Recently, US regulators have expanded a study regarding a possible safety risk in some 1.4 million Toyota cars following the 161 crashes or fires wherein nine people were injured.

In a recent study, researchers found out that older adults living alone are more prone to suffer from early disability and die sooner than other older adults who are more social.

According to California’s labor law, discriminating smokers in the workplace is strictly prohibited. Under the said law, although workers are not allowed to smoke within the workplace, employers cannot fire them when they instead smoke outside.

Some of those judges claimed that taking such significant tool would help in exposing fraud. Meanwhile, several of the agency’s officials said that reviewers cannot rely on information posted online and that the simple act of typing in queries could put the protected private information at risk. Therefore, judges shouldn’t even try accessing SSA claim applicants’ personal information online.

According to the initial reports released by authorities regarding the said incident, Loney seems to be under the influence of intoxicating substance during the accident. Allegedly, he swerved into a Toyota car and then rear-ended a Mercedes and a Mini, causing a car pileup.