Sticker books for learning sight words

Sight Word Sticker Books -- Students receive a sticker when they master a sight word! I think I'll make my own because her sight words are a little different than the ones my boys are learning at school.


This baby is beautiful. I am so inspired by children with down syndrome, I just want to hug every one I see.


Rebecca Ridner spent most of the summer working on this playhouse for . I had one and have always wanted Sami to have one, though it'd have to be more of an older theme/hang out now

No one knows your child, their strengths and their needs better than!

The parents and how they act may provide an explanation for some of the girls actions. In this story Zoe constantly refers to how over the top her mother is. Then on the other hand we have Maddie whose dad seems to struggle from an alcohol problem.

In a challenge to current thinking about cognitive impairment, this book explores what it means to treat people with intellectual disabilities in an ethical manner. Reassessing philosophical views of intellectual disability, Licia Carlson shows how we can affirm the dignity and worth of intellectually disabled people first by ending comparisons to nonhuman animals and then by confronting our fears and discomforts. Carlson presents the complex history of ideas about cognitive disability...

The Faces of Intellectual Disability - Buy PDF Books

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