Double Color Exposure Photoshop Action #photoeffect Download:

Double Color Exposure

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textures and patterns are revealed when colored dye is applied to the wood via a bath

color on wood detail of 'herringbones' table by on show at spazio sanremo in via delle fosse ardeatine by milan.

Tropical Themed Holographic Foil Business Cards For A Bar

These cards were created for a tiki bar and they feature an unusual colour combination and a tropical theme with a modern twist.

vintage hotel luggage label

Stefan Sagmeister - book cover of "Sagmeister: Made You Hotel Duna (Budapest) — Vintage Hotel Luggage Label Book cover - Raymond Chandler.

The hand crafted-ness of this type and the way it looks like it has been stamped is what gives the logo a lot of its intrigue. I like the not quite perfect characters which i think add to this.

by Herb Lubalin poster design layout typography

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