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Creeper in the arm, done with face paint.

Minecraft Creeper i min arm - oh no! ~ Minecraft Creeper in my arm - oh no!

sly cooper

Welcome to the Sly Cooper wiki, the most comprehensive source of information on Sly Cooper. The Sly Cooper wiki is a community run wiki that anyone can contribute to.

Clockwerk~Sly Cooper by Zistheone

Last night, I watched a ton of videos of Sly Cooper (second only to Pokémon as my favorite video game franchise), so I decided to try doing a drawi.

Considering a Pokémon Tattoo?

My Tattoo symbolizes my religion. The tattoo artist was an arts student from

Awesome Pokémon tattoo. via:

13 Pokemon Tattoos You Need To See! Pokemon tattoos are on the rise again. Check out these 13 Pokemon Tattoos.