This is just too funny!

Why take Funny Wedding Photos? Why not document that special day with something so funny and creative? These funny wedding photos will never get tiresome.

Groom, Bride & Best Man. Bromance at it's finest. - then do it the opposite with the maid of honor! LOVE this. Totally going to be doing this!!!

Real Rustic Wedding: Sedalia, CO

Bride, groom, and best man pic. I can see this happening at my wedding and even a picture with the bride, groom, and maid of honor!

so precious.... ring shot. I am sooo having this one taken!

Let's Kick Off This New Year Right + A Fun Engagement Shoot with an Adorable Couple & Their Sweet Pooch

Groomsmen hugging the bride. Love this!

Groomsmen hugging the bride. I want my groom's boys to be this excited about my wedding~ i'd really love a cuddle group photo with the groomsmen at my wedding :) such a cute photo :)

Awesome Best man Groom photo! Necessary picture for Mike and Benny!!

A high five from the best man during the first kiss. I'd also be high fiving the maid of honor

I like this one, too, but I'd want only my left hand, gently holding the back of the neck.

Photographer Spotlight - Joy Marie of Joy Marie Photography