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Mech legs on tip toes (Dugas,J. This also shows a section of the advertisment for the game Deus Ex. It depicts the legs of a human but in a way that is mechanical and shapes it into very futuristic and simplified forms of the human alternative.

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Game : Deus ex : human revolution (Sarif Industries)

Learn about the prosthetics of the future (and try out a hacking minigame) at Sarif Industries , a promotional website for Deus Ex .


Robots - Too sleek, streamlined and curved, far too much like armour mirroring muscle tissue - we want more aggressive angular looking attachments

Hitler (by Jesse Lenz)

The crossover between Adolf Hitler is very comical but i can see the layers used to make this image. I also enjoy the bland colors used by Hitler being contrasted with Marilyn Monroe bright colors.