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Math Properties- Connecting with the Terms | | Bloglovin’

Math Properties Anchor Chart- Making the property terms meaningful by connecting them with the meaning of their base words! Commutative Property, Identity Property, Associative Property, and Distributive Property

Fifth Grade Ramblings: Day 3 with Nicki Newton - Decimal of the Day

I decided to have my grade Pre Algebra students use anchor charts this year. I didn't think I would like them or my kids, but they absol.

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5th Grade Anchor Charts to Try in Your Classroom

Looking for grade anchor charts? Try some of these anchor charts in your classroom to promote visual learning with your students.

Line Plots.  When I even think of the words, I shudder.  It's one of the trickiest concepts for students.  What do those Xs mean?  The numbe...

The Big List of Line Plot Activities and Resources! There aren't many resources out there for teaching this tricky skill, but I've compiled many of them here.