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Here's a packet with a series of pentomino activities. Includes a number of space-filling outlines.

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Team J's Second Grade Funfrom Team J's Second Grade Fun

Doubles Math Station and Fact Family/Addition Station

Fact family dice game

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Here's a huge set of printables for practicing fact families. These are self-correcting, fact family flash-cards.

First Grade School Box: Fact Family Cards

What Makes 20? - Addition Game Freebie!! - Teachers Take-Out

What Makes 20? - Addition Game Freebie!! - Teacher's Take-Out

Frugal Fun For Boysfrom Frugal Fun For Boys

Math Facts Baseball (An Awesome Way to Practice Math

Math Facts Baseball – What a fun idea for practicing addition facts!

Math Facts Baseball (An Awesome Way to Practice Math!) - Frugal Fun For Boys

Great way to remember the doubles!!

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FREE - Double NumbersThis is a fun bubble themed freebie to teach children how to double numbers. There are six worksheets in total. Details of worksheets listed below.Draw and double x 1Double number bonds x 1Horizontal Double Addition x 1Double number drills x 1Double Cut and Past x 1Color the Bubble by the Double x 1I hope you enjoy these worksheets, please remember to leave feedback.Like my worksheets?

FREE - Double Numbers

This is a great way to see if you students are really understanding addition strategies. Students need to sort addition facts according to which strategy they used: making 10, doubles, and near doubles.

Addition Strategy Sort

These FREE Cootie Catchers are fun math games great for practicing addition, subtraction and doubling to ten plus number recognition! This free printable math activity is perfect for Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade.

Cootie Catchers Math Games

Free Math Printables for preschoolers, Kindergarten, or Grade 1. Number Bonds of 10 with number lines.

Number Study: TEN - Tree Valley Academy

Math Talk math word wall for important math vocabulary and visuals for young learners.

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Grab this rekenreks FREEBIE to practice addition (rekenrek).

The Primary Pack: Rekenreks, Number Talks, and a FREEBIE

FREEBIE! This free download includes printable pages for first grade common core math! Just download, print, and use!You can purchase the entire packet by clicking here!You can purchase the entire packet by clicking here!

First Grade Common Core Math Printable Freebie!

Fact Fluency in First Grade

Miss Giraffe's Class: Fact Fluency in First Grade

Teachers Pay Teachersfrom Teachers Pay Teachers

Counting and Number Lines Mega Math Practice 1.NBT.1 First Grade Math

Mega Math Practice 1.NBT.1 introduces the Numbers and Base Ten standard by giving your students a lot of practice counting on to 120 from any number and one to one correspondence. 1NBT.1 is all about learning creating a solid foundation in counting and number sense to 120. Gaining a foundation with this practice will give your kiddos a head start on the rest on the work in the NBT standard. Students need many opportunities to work with all new math skills.

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FREEBIE: ADDITION and SUBTRACTION WORD PROBLEMS (2 pages) - Please leave me some FEEDBACK! Solve word problems using number line, drawing, ten frame, and equation!

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Introduce and practice the Common Core math strategy of using an open number line to add and subtract with this set of practice sheets! Set includes eight free sheets to use in your first (or second!) grade math class as you implement the Common Core standards. The Common Core standards call for deeper understanding of addition and subtraction than the standard algorithm can provide.

Open Number Line Strategy for Addition and Subtraction Freebie

I created this set of printables for my kinders to use as they are learning to write their numbers. I created this set for all different levels of learners by including tracing and writing to various distances up to 100. Enjoy!

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Check out this funny new book that will have your students laughing along as they learn a very important math concept! Great book for K-2!

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Freebie! Kindergarten math and literacy - 4 pages from January Print-That's it!

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Fun, basic math station for start of school. Perhaps bring in other manipulatives to represent the numeral?


Math Coach's Corner: Handy Ten Frame Placemat with Number Sense Routines. Ten-frames are such a great tool for composing and decomposing numbers, and this ten-frame placement has tons of uses!

Math Coach's Corner

Teachers Pay Teachersfrom Teachers Pay Teachers

Composing Numbers to 10

Students practice decomposing numbers from 2-10 by identifying different combinations to make that number. Includes two versions, one using number and one with dice.

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Math Coach's Corner: Freebie for Composing and Decomposing Numbers teddy bear counters with an unknown addend

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Mrs. Ts First Grade Class: Number Line Activity - Decompose Numbers

Mrs. T's First Grade Class: Number Line Activity