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Artists I find interesting

Artists I find interesting

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Jodi Colella, marrow, felted wool, found driftwood

Chicago Tribune Mariam Pare clenches a brush in her mouth and paints. In 1996, Pare was paralyzed by a stray bullet.

Joseph D. R. O'Leary: Of Beards and Men. "What is it about a man with a beard? In an era of manscaping and Brooklyn hipsters and dandies, Joseph D.R. O'Leary explores the idea of using facial hair as a form of creativity, self expression, and a little rebelliousness."

Joseph D. R. O’Leary: Of Beards and Men

Gillian Wearing (named one of the top 10 "Most Important Artists of Today" by Newsweek in 2011) : she has redefined portraiture by photographing herself in rubber masks she’s cast from other people’s faces.

The amazing paper-work of Charles Clary.

Beautifully elaborate cut paper sculptures and illustrations by Cuban artist Elsa Mora. See much more on Colossal: www.thisiscolossa...

Cut Paper Sculptures and Illustrations by Elsa Mora

Cindy Couling - mixed media and pottery

Textile work of artist Rosie Logan

professional illustrator Mica Angela Hendricks has been collaborating with her 4-year-old daughter on a series of wonderful drawings that pass back and forth between mother and daugher until reaching an always unexpected final form.

self described "Paper Sculptor" Kris Trappeniers - His delicately cut stencils are among the most complex I’ve ever seen! He then creates the gray tones with spray paint using the stencil.

pencil creatures

Patrick Dougherty: weaves tree saplings into whirling, animated shapes that resemble tumbleweeds or gusts of wind. He has made over 200 sapling sculptures - woolly lairs and wild follies, gigantic snares, nests and cocoons, some woven into groves of trees, others lashed around buildings.

Laura Edwards Wooten : As an artist living in the Virginia suburbs, she seeks to both confront & integrate her multiple identities of artist, wife, mother, & suburbanite. Wooten finds inspiration in the details of her everyday life. Juggling a busy schedule of art, work & family, the steady practice of making small drawings becomes the foundation for the collages. A commitment to weekly creativity brings a new momentum and spirit of discovery to her work.

"Blowing Bubbles" by Derek Gores: Derek has gained national attention for his collage portrait series, recycling magazines, labels, and found materials to create the works on canvas.

Kara Walker | Art21 | PBS. Walker is best known for exploring the raw intersection of race, gender, and sexuality through her iconic, silhouetted figures. Walker unleashes the traditionally proper Victorian medium of the silhouette directly onto the walls of the gallery, creating a theatrical space in which her unruly cut-paper characters fornicate and inflict violence on one another.

Luzinterruptus is an anonymous artistic group in Madrid who seek to highlight problems within the city using a wide variety of temporary light-based installations. The group is headed up by a duo including an artist and a photographer who have been using their art to create awareness of social and environmental issues since 2008.

Irish female contemporary artist Inge Jacobson creates amazing pieces of embroidered magazine artwork.

Well Screwed 3D Portraits by Andrew Myers

Minjae Lee is a young South Korean artist whose work expresses a semi-disturbing inner tension that is tough to ignore, even if you feel that you'd like to. It draws you in with its powerful colors, halting imagery and clever juxtaposition of beauty, innocence and fragility with brash, loud and aggressive. The 19-year old artist is mainly self-taught and uses old-fashion tools to create his illustrations - markers, pens, crayons, and acrylics.

The Cool Hunter - Minjae Lee

Vernon Fisher - includes narratives in his artwork. "... I do know that when you read a text, you’re taken out of the space you’re in. I wrote a very vivid story about floating down the Ganges River. You feel the flow of water, see the stars wheeling overhead, feel fish sucking on the tips of his fingers. You come to the end of the story and find yourself suddenly staring at a piece of plywood. What interests me is having those two kinds of experiences available in the same piece. "

The Hurwitz Singularity - by Jonty Hurwitz. He creates a sculpture, then divides it and suspends it on different planes (which can be seen when look at it from the sides). Once viewed from the front, our depth perception is tricked and we see a full sculpture that appears as if the piece is one solid form! .......GREAT INSPIRATION FOR A HIGH SCHOOL SCULPTURE LESSON!!

"Tell" by hyper realist painter Alyssa Monks. "Using filters such as glass, vinyl, water, and steam, I distort the body in shallow painted spaces. These filters allow for large areas of abstract design - islands of color with activated surfaces - while bits of the human form peak through."

Suspended Horses Made of Wool Thread Dipped in Tar and Latex by Sandrine Pelletier

Danny O'Conner: painting meets graffiti meets mixed media!

Explosive Mixed Media Paintings by Danny O'Conner

Spanish artist Ana Teresa Barboza takes embroidery to a whole different level by combining drawings / photographs on fabric with her embroidery in a very interesting way!