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Photo History

Photo History

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Bombing raids on Cologne, 1945

A closeup of a photo taken at Abraham Lincoln's second Inauguration (March 4, 1865). Amongst the on-lookers was John Wilkes Booth, the man who would kill Lincoln just over one month later. Each man is circled. Neat if true.

Apollo 11, Eagle about to dock with Columbia, post Lunar Landing July 20th 1969. Photo taken by Michael Collins from the command module window.

The Sphinx in Egypt. Taken in the 1860s.

Statue of Liberty. Assembled in Paris.

This B-17 took a direct flak hit in the waist over Debrecen, Hungary which killed three crewmen and wounded two others. Threatening to come apart in mid-air the pilot nursed it home to a safe landing, but the weakened fuselage collapsed on touchdown.

1st Lt. Lawrence DeLancey managed to get his B-17 back to England after a direct hit by flak killed two of his crew over Cologne, Germany.

Ruth c.1920

Anti-aircraft Fire

Vasily Zaytsev




Walter Rosenblum - D Day Rescue, Omaha Beach, 1944

airborne on D-Day


USS Hornet - Doolittle Raid - April 1942

Fourth Division Marines begin an attack from the beach on Iwo Jima, as another boatload of men is disgorged onto the beach by an LCVP, 16 February 1945. After 36 days of fighting, the U.S. finally overtook Iwo Jima, at a cost of the lost of 3,600 U.S. marines.

Slavery Underground Railroad. Powerful image

Photo by James Nachtwey

1.7M sqft Seattle Boeing B-17 bomber plant hidden beneath a hollywood set designer's "fake" suburban community

B-52 OVER B-17.. Torch passing?


Abandoned ship, in the sea, until it decays

B-17s of the 91st in formation over Osnabruck, Germany