Art Cat!!!!

LOVE ART, LOVE CATS! Here it is, combining the two- Arts and Cats Many of the greats did it and how much fun ! Join us by adding a comment on one of my pins. ***It's a kitty party!**** ( Dedicated to Cody Anne Berra, Best girl cat ever)

Art Cat!!!!

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Hiding behind a tree

Sculptor Siegfried Neuenhausen designed this 1981 monument to homeless cats in Braunschweig, Germany.

Théophile Alexandre Steinlen (Swiss; 1859–1923)

Kristina Rei received more than 100 injections of silicone to enlarge her lips spending more than $17,000 but it’s still not enough! She's obsessed with the monstrous lips and considers herself a sex symbol.

  • Keith Gradwell
    Keith Gradwell

    The doctor should lose his or her license.

  • Mirella Puccio
    Mirella Puccio

    Poor girl... she looks like a monster. Something is wrong on her mind, but I think that the doctor was crazy to do all those operations. Piercing and make-up are horrible too.

cat naps • peskimo

Photo Somali Cat


The desert cat - El gato del desierto

Burmese cat.


Gwen John - The Cat

Diane Hoeptner: Cat and Flamingos painting I'm not a crazy cat lady


Eva Vazquez Dibuios

9 Purrfect Cat Toy DIY Projects - The Cottage Market

Norvile Dovidonyte (Nora)

Norvile Dovidonyte (Nora)


Happy Friday!


“Roaming Cats” by Colette Brunelière

La Tour - Acrylic Art by Daniela Terragni

Lion Watercolor Painting by SlaviART

Makoto Muramatsu #cats #art Brilliant illustration and so #cute! I love the clear lines, the colors and the light!