40 Secret iPhone Features and Shortcuts - Oh my gosh!  So many things I didn't realize I could do!

I am posting these 40 secret iphone features shortcuts iphone.

Wine bottles spray painted, sprayed with adhesive and then rolled in epsom salt to look like snow.

Christmas Wine bottles: spray paint, spray adhesive, epsom salts Nice idea for winter wedding centerpiece with flowers

31 Days to a better grocery budget. I'll have to check this out. Might be useful.

31 Days to a better grocery budget. Helpful website with coupons, money-saving ideas, and how-to budget ideas.

Oh yeah. That's why I need vodka in the house :)

21 DIY household ideas for VODKA! OMG you can do more than just drink vodka I had no idea!

my most pinned pin. easy to see why. such hot hair.

Inverted Bob Haircut Styles for Women - 2015 Bob Hairstyles

Inverted Bob haircuts are a major source of styles to give you inspiration if you are trying to look for a new style this season. It is a complete reverse of Classic bob haircut or the length bob, which gives the genre the inverted bob name.

15 DIY Lamps

DIY Paper Starburst Pendant Light made using vellum triangles glued in layers on a paper lantern. Alot of work?

ombre ombre everything!! this is cute...

DIY Ombre Makeup for the Eyes, Lips and Nails from the Beauty Department. Ombre Cat Eye here. Ombre Lips here. Ombre Nails here.

get a bowl of water, pour little bits of all the different shades you want, it should float on the top, swirl with a toothpick or something like it, and when it looks like you want on top of the water, then dip your nails through the water @Meredith Kimber

Tie Dye Nails: Get a bowl of water Pour little bits of all the different shades you want (it should float on the top) Swirl with a toothpick, (Until it looks how you want) Then dip your nails through the water.

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