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Autumn tree from paper bag

Pikadilly Charm: Paper Craft


Leaf Rubbings: During a nature hike, the children could collect leaves. Back in the classroom, the children could make rubbings with the leaves. Each child would create a unique picture, using different leaves and colors of crayons. The children would see that nature creates beauty. They would also see that they can use materials from nature to make art.

Filth Wizardry: Leaf rubbing and paint mural


Autumn Leaf Print: Children could create very unique pieces of art with this activity. Using leaves that the children collected on a nature walk would make the experience more meaningful. The children could choose the leaves to use, the paint colors to use, and the placement of the leaves.

Our Day Our Journey: Leaf Collecting & Painting


Marbled Leaf Art: The children at the preschool would love to make these marbled leaves. Children love playing with shaving cream and food coloring to marbleize paper. The children would use their creativity while making the paper and again while cutting out the leaf shapes. These would be beautiful on the "thankful tree." Very DAP.

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Paper Scarecrow Craft: Using craft paper, scrapes of fabric, and buttons, the children could make a unique scarecrow of their own.

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TP Roll Scarecrow: Preschool children could make this scarecrow on their own. :)

TP Roll Scarecrow


Pumpkin Seed Pumpkin: After the field trip to the pumpkin patch and pumpkin carving, the preschool children could make pumpkins with the seeds. This activity would show them that it is good to use as much of the pumpkin as you can. I would also roast some of the seeds for a fun fall snack. When I do this activity, I will not outline the pumpkin with a drawn black line. I think it would look more artistic without the line, plus it would give the children more freedom.

Pumpkin Seed Pumpkin


Scarecrow Paper Bag: Preschool children would love to make a cute scarecrow for fall. This would be a fun activity after reading books about scarecrows like, The Little Scarecrow Boy and the Lonely Scarecrow. Children could use their creativity to make an unique scarecrow, which is very DAP.

Paper Bag Scarecrow


Leaves unit study, crafts, lesson plans and printables. #homeschool #preschool #printables #kindergarten Perfect for fall!

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Fall Pattern

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Dragonfly Dreams


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Cut vertically to show star. Neato!

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apple pie play dough!

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