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Inexpensive and Effective Homemade Leather Cleaner Recipe

If you have leather furniture you probably already know how difficult it can be to keep it clean and shining. While there are many leather cleaners and wipes on the market to help you, these can get pretty expensive, particularly if you have a lot of


34 Ways To Make Your Stuff Last As Long As Possible

Anytime you buy something from the grocery store notice that some things only last for a day at the most? Well we found a solution to that. Check out these 34 Ways To Make Your Stuff Last As Long As Possible and make sure your food lasts longer.

37 Apple Cider Vinegar Hacks for a Clean, Chemical-Free Home

These 10 uses for apple cider vinegar will make your hair shiny, soothe bug bites, whiten your teeth and kill weeds in your yard.

Hydrogen Peroxide Magic!

Tons of uses for hydrogen peroxide. The list is full of tips. I had no idea for you could use this for so many things! So glad I saw this pin!!