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Madhouse Family Reviews !: Fairy Princess Themed Kids' Party Food Ideas for our #haveacraftparty

Fairy Bread: I suggest you mix spreadable cream cheese with vanilla extract and a bit of sugar. Then sprinkle with candy bits and roll up.if you have a cookie cutter handy, why not use this to cut out the bread shapes.If you havn’t tried fairy bread

Very Berry Fairy Water - Also Known As Spa Water. Tastes awesome, No added sugar and the kid's LOVE it!

Very Berry Fairy Water (Spa Water) - Modern Christian Homemaker

Preschool Snack Idea- Cheese Window Sandwiches - I have Stars, Hearts & Flowers that will work!

Sandwiches mit Sternen - Tolle Kindersnack Idee *** How to make a window sandwich - great snack idea for kids

Whether its for an afternoon treat, or party food fun - these tasty kiwi fruit treats will go down well.

frozen dark chocolate kiwi pops - Such a great idea! this so much. I am a fruit fanatic and if I can make it yummy for the hubby and a "treat" for the kids (someday).that is a win-win in our house.