Skull tattoo: thigh piece. Too cute!

There are varieties of combinations you can go for along with the skull tattoos. Such combinations could enlighten your skull tattoo ideas when you decide to

See more There is more to living than being alive quote tattoo on side body

Pink flower and dream catcher tattoo. without the pink flower. I would do purple or blue roses.

side tattoo

One of my Native American friends told me that in her tribe peacock feathers are bad luck. I don't remember why that is, but I don't think a real dream catcher would have a peacock feather if it were by a Native American. Pretty tat though!

I want a dreamcatcher tattoo on my side. I have my own design though, haha I love this one but it's not 'me' ;)

Miley Cyrus Dream Catcher Tattoo is inked on her right side or ribcage and is her biggest tattoo yet. This dreamcatcher's meaning ties into Native American