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Blond high lights and red/copper low lights -haircut with long textured layers:-) by Megan @ voila' hair and day spa

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This is EXACTLY how I wish my hair was: this long, this shade of red, with those kind of waves/curls.... :/

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My creations!! Bleach blonde and blood red! Bam!!! Thanks Liz for lettin. Me go crazy!

I def wouldn't get blue, but i like the way the color shows. Maybe could do this with red??

@Samantha Angoletta Waite! This is how i want it to look. Obviously not with the same colors... but could we do something that could stand out?

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The Husband's Secret. This was my book club book for February. It was so good! It tells three different stories that all intertwine with one another, and paints such an interesting picture of what secrets can do in a marriage. And in my opinion shows