OT and Sensory Motor Ideas

OT and Sensory Motor Ideas

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5 ways to use a yoga mat besides yoga

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Stability balls with removal covers for sensory needs. LOVE IT!!! (potterybarn teen -$150)

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Finger Gym - marbles and washers. (Inspiration came from Your Therapy Source)

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help meet chewing needs

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  • Mary Norris
    Mary Norris

    the best is gum...sugarless of course,the chewing will keep them from chewing on sleeves and shirts etc. talk to the teachers and ask if they can be allowed as part of their therapy to chew gum. I use full sticks of gum and cut them in thirds that way they last longer. After about 3 months my little one comes to me and says I think I need to chew some gum....he chews the gum and not his sleeves and by the time he swallows it he has moved on from whatever had stressed him

#OTLifehack - share your hacks using the hashtag. Life hacks are shortcuts and tips that solve everday problems.

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Fun pom pom game for kids.

Pom Pom Turn-Taking Game - One Time Through


Uneek Creations Weighted blankets and lap pads

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Fidget Rings help to increase focus in children who can't sit still or are diagnosed with ADHD. Repinned by Autism Classroom. Follow us at www.pinterest.com...

31 Products Every Parent Of A Growing Child Will Want


HEAVY WORK CHORES that Help Calm and Focus | Free Chore Chart Printable for Home, School and Outside

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Sensory Preferences Worksheet to determine sensory diet activities for different situations.

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sensory steps

Living Creatively: Sensory Steps


Occupational Therapy: Hand strengthening activity! Have kids feed the tennis ball using beads or crumpled up tissue paper.

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NEED! Play Therapy for Adults Mohdoh for adults is the great "squidgy" meeting of aromatherapy, tactile-play therapy and color therapy. Each of the nontoxic, vibrantly hued, moldable doughs ($8) is infused with lovely smelling essential oils. #relaxation

Mohdoh | Health + Heart | PureWow National


Hoop Streamer Options

Creative Movement Streamer Props Made in USA | Bear Paw Creek

  • Daria O'Brien-Speech Paths
    Daria O'Brien-Speech Paths

    Simple and effective idea! Can be used in conjunction with St. Patrick's Day and Olympic activities also!

Sensory pull handles are a versatile therapy tool, www.RecyclingOT.com

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This is set up for K-12, but this can work for anyone. Check out the "Why Integrate Technology." Workshop Activities for Technology Integration

Classroom Exercise Makes Learning Lively


Sensory balloons

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sensory integration ideas for children who chew

Sensory Integration for Children Who Chew - Meet Penny


boot camp ball to work on therapy activities

Boot Camp Ball | Starfish Therapies


Working the net-swing lying in a prone position on your stomach with ropes, poles, toys, and throwing games gives a kid strength and endurance, rotational and linear vestibular input, and enhanced timing sequences.

NTTI: Facility Tour - North Texas Therapy Innovations


DIY putty activities

DIY Therapy Putty


Top 15 Sensory Strategies for Homework! The sensory strategies apply to ALL children, and are of utmost important for sensory kiddos

Homework Success!


Pediatric Occupational Therapy Tips: Sensory Diet Activities. Pinned by SOS Inc. Resources. Follow all our boards at pinterest.com/... for therapy resources.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Tips: Sensory Diet Activities


Book: Tools for Teens: Sensory Integration: Diana Henry, Tammy Wheeler, Deanna Iris Sava

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Monster Punching Bag: Encouraging Gross Motor Skills and Large Movement

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